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Higher Education

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General Services

Bill Grunloh
Department of Transportation - Construction

Ken Morris
Capital Development Board

"Although short of complete success,
It is much in the right direction..."

Lincoln Sign

- December 6, 1864

Welcome to the Chief Procurement Office

The Chief Procurement Officer (CPO) exercises independent procurement authority under the Illinois Procurement Code (30 ILCS 500). While retaining procurement authority, the CPO exercises this authority through independent State Purchasing Officers (SPOs) who report to the CPO. The SPOs work in close conjunction with purchasing staff to meet the needs of the State agencies and universities.

The CPOs administer the Illinois Procurement Gateway (IPG) which allows prospective vendors to provide disclosures, certifications, and other documentation needed to do business with a State agency or university in advance of any particlar procurement. Visit the IPG here​


To work with the state agencies and universities to meet their procurement needs while exercising independent authority, oversight and approval to ensure and continuously improve compliance with law, fair treatment, need-based decision-making, diversity, integrity, transparency and value.​​​