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To promote business and employment opportunities in Illinois, procurement preferences are established and in force. Preferences may exist for particular goods and services and/or for those providing the particular goods and services.

To learn more about procurement preferences, contact the Chief Procurement Office or see the Illinois Procurement Code (30 ILCS 500/45).


  • small businesses
  • service disabled veteran-owned small businesses
  • veteran-owned small businesses
  • resident bidders
  • Illinois Correctional Industries ("ICI")
  • Sheltered workshops for the severely handicapped ("State Use")
  • solicitation encouraging prospective vendors to hire qualified veterans
  • solicitation encouraging prospective vendors to hire Illinois residents discharged from any Illinois adult correctional center

Goods / Services:

  • soybean oil-based ink
  • recycled materials
  • recyclable paper
  • environmentally preferable supplies / services
  • gas mileage
  • Illinois agricultural products
  • corn-based plastics
  • vehicles powered by agricultural commodity-based fuel
  • biobased products