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Form F - G - Certifications & Board of Elections

Section F. Certifications

Why are there so many certifications in Section F? How do my answers impact my IPG registration and contracts with the State?

Many State laws prescribe specific requirements that must be met to qualify for contracts with the State. Most of the certifications cite the law on which they are based, which can be reviewed at You are generally required to select "Yes" to all certifications to register in the IPG or be eligible for State contracts, although N/A may be selected if appropriate (e.g. only applies to individuals and sole proprietors, but your business is a corporation).


NOTE: Making false certifications can have severe consequences, including voiding existing contracts, suspension or debarment, or other administrative or criminal proceedings.

Section G. Board of Elections

My business is not registered with Board of Elections. I did not select "Subcontractor only" in Section A, and we are not a non-profit. What answer should I select in Section G?

Unless you are a non-profit or selected "Subcontractor only" in Section A, your business must register with BOE before you can register in the IPG. You must select "Yes, I certify my business is registered with BOE" and provide your BOE registration number in Section G. Registration is free and available on the BOE website,, which also provides a how-to guide to assist with registration.

My business is registered with Board of Elections. How do I find my registration number?

The registration number should appear on your certificate of registration. If you need to produce a certificate of registration, login to the BOE site and click the Produce Certificate icon on the home page or select Produce Certificate in the Navigate menu at the top.​​​

Registration with Board of Elections is required to be in the Small Business Set-Aside Program (SBSP) and to be a Prime Contractor, free of charge, and can be done online by going to