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Form D - E - Department of Human Rights & Authorized to do Business in Illinois

Section D. Department of Human Rights (DHR)

My business had 20 different employees throughout the year, but never more than 10 at any given time. How should I answer #1?

In #1, enter the highest number of employees that were employed at the same time during the past year, in this case 10. If this number is 15 or more, your business is required to have a current, valid DHR Public Contract Number, and must provide the number in #2 to register in the IPG.

I am unsure if my business has a DHR Public Contract Number. How can I find out, and how can I get a number if needed?

You can search for your business name in the Illinois Data Portal at to find your number and expiration date. If your business does not appear, is expired or expiring, or you need to apply for a number, contact the Illinois Department of Human Rights or visit their website.

Section E. Authorized to do Business in Illinois

My business is registered on a lot of Illinois sites. Which registration do you mean in Section E?

If your business is registered and in good standing with the Illinois Secretary of State Department of Business Services, select "Yes, registered" in Section E. You can verify that you are registered and in good standing ("Active" status) by searching for your business name in the public database for corporation/LLC/not-for-profit or for LP/LLP/LLLP.

NOTE: Businesses are generally required to register with Secretary of State to transact business in Illinois.​​